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New Handy Vegetable Chopper for Home Kitchen




1. Traditional methods of cutting vegetables are time consuming and labour intensive. This multifunctional vegetable cutting machine, when the meat is cut in 1 minute, is equivalent to cutting more than 20 knives by hand. The high nsity nylon thread, resistant and durable, not easy to break, is the partner of the new kitchen
2. Baby food supplement food, elrly teeth are not good: apples, pears and other fruits are not suitable for chewing, they break into small particles to aid digestion
3. The new kitchen partner, multi-purpose kitchen knife, use the method: open the bowl lid counter clockwise, cut the ingredients to be processed into small pieces, cover the bowl lid, hold on the clockwise, gently pull a few times Distributed evenly, the power can be drawn evenly at a constant speed
4. Stainless steel bla, new update, new jump, save time and effort, use this convenient kitchen knife to cut large pieces of fruits, vegetables, bones, herbs, nuts, even ice cubes, food crusher for the home is your good kitchen associated
5. The beauty of life is just food and love, let everyone enjoy the fun of cooking, be assured of buying, we are a reliable kitchen brand, with thousands of satisfied customers, you serve it

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