How easy is the site to utilize? The Search Feature

The layout and organization of the site is clean and easy to use as is the usual with any Cupid Media site. It can occasionally have a slightly “older” feel to it, however the functionality is great. If it gets the working job done, who cares about other things? Let’s talk about a few of the specific things we found we would like to see improved upon that we liked during our Ukraine Cupid review and things.

First, here is what the member dashboard appears like.

Yes, we blurred out all the pictures, but when you get on Ukraine Cupid, you can expect to see everyone’s pictures clear as day. You’ll notice that your particular matches are arranged in a style that is grid that you are able to scroll endlessly through. When you first arrive at the site, you will have to click on “Improve Matches” and set your requirements in regards to what you’d like to see when you sign in. You can change these at any time, so don’t beat yourself up looking to get them perfect right off the bat.

You their pictures, basic information, and have a message spot for you to send them a quick message when you click on a match, a mini-profile will pop up that will show. Additionally, you’ll have the option to “show interest” which will be Ukraine Cupid’s flirt option, add them as a popular, or see their full profile.

Here’s what that profile looks like (at the least the half that is top of). The profiles at Ukraine Cupid are incredibly tall vertically with a lot of options of data about yourself and what you are looking for in your Ukrainian mate for you to fill in.

Again, yes, we blurred out of the pertinent information and the pictures as this is a real screenshot through the site. We wished to give an look that is actual your website during our Ukraine Cupid review, but we didn’t like to violate a member’s privacy after all. You’ll have to generate a free account you want to see the pictures and information unblurred 🙂 for yourself if

Here’s everything we did and liked n’t like about the profiles:

  • The mini-view for the profile is great if you wish to surf through a complete lot of matches quickly. It allows you to definitely send a lot off of messages or check out a number of different potential matches and never have to go too in depth.
  • The top-right for the Ukraine Cupid profiles are nice you the quick and dirty for each person because they give. They let you know their details on a couple of points that are key, children, drinking, smoking, religion, and occupation) and how those activities match up together with your preference.
  • It will look like plenty of information which can be a confident it seemed like overkill to us for you, but. That being said, if an internet site that is dating likely to err on a single side of the coin, we’d much rather them have a lot of profile details than not enough.

Overall, we found Ukraine Cupid pretty simple to use. You were able to set your match preferences easily, search through what you desired to see, and send messages to those you are interested in without having to dig to get it.

Any kind of features that are great?

Ukraine Cupid had fewer features that are total use, nevertheless the ones they did have they made certain they didn’t hold back on. The less is much more attitude could be a great one in the internet dating world where sometimes internet dating sites get free from control and go nuts with way too many features.

Let’s talk about everything we liked and what we’d like to see.

The Search Feature

Reacall those tons of options you could fill out on your profile or about who you are interested in that we said? Well, you can even search by them. The most feature that is robust found during our Ukraine Cupid review was the search feature. You can search by literally anything from “Do they need children?” to “Languages spoken” to “Bust cup size.” You can search by anything, we do mean by anything when we say

Once you upgrade your membership, there are different features that become available to you including advanced matching algorithms, message translation, while the capacity to hide your profile and browse anonymously.

Talk To Free Account Members

The main one feature that individuals liked probably the most during our Ukraine Cupid review was the ability for paid members to talk to free members. On a niche site like this 1 where you can find fewer members compared to the giant that is big sites, you need to have the ability to talk with anyone who you will find and tend to be interested in. Ukraine Cupid lets this happen.

If you are a paid person in the site, you can contact anyone that has a free account on the site and additionally they can respond to you free of charge. And also this means that with your free trial you may have the ability to react to any paid members who contact you. But, the catch is they should first contact you. So you can take control of the process if you want to reach out to someone who interests you, you’ll need to upgrade your membership to a paid account.

Let me know about the customer support.

Customer care at Ukraine Cupid is good, not great. They have a contact form you should use to have assistance with your questions and an FAQ section that is extensive. We’re big fans of the FAQ section as they do have answers to numerous the very best questions we hear people asking.

They don’t have hours listed on their support, but we might assume they usually have a fairly quick turn around time. We would like to see a live chat or phone function added at some point in the future, though. Other than that, the consumer service is adequate and additionally they do have ways if you need it for you to get help.

Price | Exactly how much does Ukraine Cupid cost?

Is Ukraine Cupid worth every penny?

Alright, here’s the line that is bottom. It all depends on which category you end up in what our response is likely to be. If you should be located in the US and are also hunting for a man that is ukrainian woman who already lives in america, your alternatives are lower. Should this be you, we recommend utilizing the trial offer option below and looking at the matches on your own before making a decision on whether or otherwise not Ukraine Cupid is worth your own time and cash.

If you’re an individual who does not mind talking to potential matches living in other countries (or you live in Eastern Europe or even the Ukraine yourself), then your site is certainly worth it. You will find lots of attractive both women and men living in the Ukraine along with other Eastern countries in europe who will be ready to meet someone in a country that is different relocate.

The line that is bottom this with smaller niche websites. You’ll want to search for yourself if ever the quality for the matches is enough for you. The rest of Ukraine Cupid rocks !, you need to make sure there are people there you’ll be interested in. Thankfully, this is done totally free of charge because of the free trial offer we have for you below.

The bottom line of our Ukraine Cupid review is that the site is going to be great for many people dependent on what you’re looking for.


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